3D Car Configurator

Automotive Configurator - Electric Classic Ford Bronco

Only a premiere visualization solution would suit an iconic vehicle as Gateway Bronco's handcrafted, custom-built Ford Broncos. The 3D Source real time configuration system leverages Unreal Engine 5 to allow prospective buyers and sales staff to visualize trillions of possible combinations and curate the perfect Bronco for their collection. 3D Source’s Showcase Mode™ highlights every detail from bumper to bumper in glorious cinematic 3D. Visit them online or see it run without the need for an internet connection at SEMA, Monterey Car Week events and Barret Jackson Auctions.


  • Pixel streaming via 3D Stream™ orchestration technology
  • Dynamic, real time pricing via integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Animated doors, tailgate, hood
  • Custom paint selector with 16 million options for gloss, metallic or matte options
  • Custom designed PDF with as built photos of the exterior and interior
  • Cinematic video presentation in real time with Showcase Mode

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